Chloe Skidmore

Serendipity brought me to River Writing in late 2016. I was in a major life transition having just left a PhD program after 6 years, and I was trying to remember what I had loved pre-academia. The first time I stepped into Studio 9A, it felt like I was coming home. I felt seen and known; I knew I belonged at this table. Over the past several years, this practice has met me in times of sorrow and blankness and total joy. I learn something new about myself and about the beautifully typical lives of those I'm writing with every time I'm at the table.

The bravery that River Writing has uncovered in me is one reason I'm drawn to facilitating. This practice isn't about teaching or learning bravery, but about giving voice to your own true words in a way that lets you sit back and say: oh, there I am.

I'm weird and funny and I can touch my tongue to my nose. I'm so looking forward to seeing you at the table!