Jeannette Snyder

Jeannette Snyder fiercely believes the pen belongs to each of us; all of us.

Jeannette writes and facilitates because it brings her joy. Sitting at the writing table listening whole-heartedly brings joy. Experiencing the details of a community (even the difficult ones) brings joy. She seeks to create a brave space where every triumph counts.

Jeannette happened upon River Writing because she blindly said yes to an invite from a friend. That was 3 years ago, and she’s been hooked ever since. She invites you to follow your curiosity, discover new heart-secrets, find pleasure and comfort in community, and experience friendly companionship with poets and their poems.

A little more about Jeannette: Jeannette’s lit up by odd food pairings that work, a subversive joke, felines, nudist hot springs, Dark Leafy Greens, mischief, her weird little family, and roasted root vegetables. She regularly imagined she was a pioneer trudging her way across the plains to get through running the mile in PE in middle school.Jeannette was obsessed with mooning people from the age of about 18-22. She still thinks that’s one of the most effective ways to make new friends and to win arguments.She startled her family when she abruptly started crying at a mom cheering on her son on Ultimate Beastmaster. It was just too tender.