MaryBeth Jarvis Clark

MaryBeth Jarvis Clark has been a dedicated River Writer since January 2015. She is a former dancer and newspaper copy editor, and a current massage therapist and local theatre addict. She has been honing her powers of deep listening and detailed observation through Embodied Life practices, Nonviolent Communication, and professional Feldenkrais training, in addition to River Writing.

As self-appointed Galactic Ambassador for Human Imperfection, she regards life as a come-as-you-are party and extends a warm-hearted invitation for you to show up tired, show up insecure, broken-hearted, unshowered, out of shape, overjoyed, on fire, impatient, or in any other state you find yourself. Just show up, show up, show up. MB (you can call her MB) is committed to articulating and upholding the agreements of the River Writing practice, because when you take the time to build the container properly, everything that fills it will be life-giving magic.