Postcards & Praise for Great Salt Lake!

Postcards designed and created by Saltgrass Printmakers Postcards designed and created by Saltgrass Printmakers

Allow us to mail a handwritten postcard to each of your Utah State legislators and another to Utah's governor on your behalf. These over-sized poem cards are works of art created by Saltgrass Printmakers, designed to capture attention. Use the link below to let us know what you would like to say to your lawmakers. Say the truest thing you can about why you want to save Great Salt Lake.

In return, we ask that you support our Writer's Vigil on Antelope Island taking place from January 17th- March 5th, throughout the legislative session. When the life of someone you love is at stake, you stay with them. That's why we'll be writing, listening, and witnessing with the lake every day and night of this session. After you share your message below, you will receive a response inviting you to donate directly to Great Salt Lake Institute at Westminster College in honor of the vigil. Suggested Donation:$15-$50 Thank you from the depths of our devotion and from the floor of the lake bed for your support!

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