Tiffany's Faciliation Story

My name is Tiffany Burns and here is my River Writing story –

I first found the practice of River Writing in the spring of 2016 in a 4-week introduction series offered by Nan through Art Access.   Once that was over I instantly signed up for Nan’s next round and I have been at the River Writing table ever since. In 2009 our mom died from brain cancer and over 6 years later I was still seeking out ways in which to continue to process and heal from this life changing loss.   In the fall of 2016 after being at the writing table for about 6 months my younger brother passed away from addiction and once again the writing table became my place of deep internal healing. In my years at this table I have made some of the deepest connections and have found the strength of my own voice.

I took the River Writing facilitator training in 2019. At first I signed up because I did not want to miss out, but I told Nan that I would not be facilitating when the course was over…. A year and a half later and I am currently facilitating my 12th and 13th rounds of River Writing and I couldn’t be happier.

At first I was worried that I would not be “good enough” , that people would not want to take River Writing from me, but as the course was nearing the end and I was 3 plus years deep in the practice I decided that it was not about me, that the practice itself is something that is a benefit to others in so many ways.

Here is why I am glad I did it –

Because these tables are inclusive.

Because our stories matter.

Because when we share our stories we realize that we are not alone.

Because when we practice whole-hearted listening people feel seen and heard,

Because there is no better place to process through pandemic fear, election worries, isolation, joy, sadness and everything in between.

Here is why I am excited to help facilitate the next round of facilitation training with Nan – because we need more River Writing in the world.

Because it is the glue that holds so many things together.

Because we need more inclusion and kindness.