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Revising with Pleasure

04-29-2023 11:00 am -2:00 pm
Revising with Pleasure

Revision need not be lonesome drudgery. Re-vision, the practice of seeing new eyes, can be playful, joyful, and shared. Revising with Pleasure is a 4-part participatory course for generative writers wishing to hone their skills in community. Whether you are new to the art of revision or familiar and feeling the call to practice, welcome! No particular level of writing experience is required.

We'll start with some unpolished work. After we find the bones and the pulse, we'll tune the music. Our workshop will provide a container of support for fostering literary friendships. We'll grow bolder together. Our final gathering will be a celebratory reading of our revised work.

Meeting on Zoom the following dates:
Saturday, April 29th, 11 am -2 pm MST
Friday, May 5th, 5-7 pm MST
Saturday, May 6th 11am - 2pm MST
Friday, May 12th: Our Celebratory Reading! 6-7 pm MST
Everyone welcome! (16+)
Facilitated by Nan Seymour