2 Hours @ the Table with Karen Live in SLC

Writing in community is for everybody! We're devoted to welcoming everyone to the table while providing fair compensation to those who facilitate. If the $40 tuition would prevent your participation, please select an amount that will work for you. If you can help someone else out a bit, choose $50. To fully sponsor another writer, choose $80. Thank you!
Financial Agreement: I understand that sessions are limited to an intimate group of participants, thus prepayment of my tuition is necessary to reserve my place. Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferrable.  
Online Video Participation: I agree to stay fully present in video mode throughout, from the beginning of each session through the end. I will do my best to eliminate any distractions.

Community Agreements: I understand that River Writing is a shared practice held at a community writing table. We will be creating the container together. As a participant, I agree to carefully read and then commit to the Seven Agreements of River Writing.

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