Anna Lindquist (she/her) Walking the Watershed

Having spent the last decade working with, teaching about, and talking about (and to) terrestrial plants, Anna never thought she would fall in love with a body of water. But since moving to the Salt Lake Valley two years ago, she has fallen irrevocably in love with Great Salt Lake and her beautiful watershed ecosystem. As a naturalist and certified forest bathing guide, Anna believes that nature connection is key to cultural repair and is passionate about creating brave and accessible nature experiences for everyone. She is honored to be part of this lake-facing community and hopes to meet you either on a forest bathing walk, out Nordic skiing, or on a slow hike.

The life of Great Salt Lake is inseparable from our own. Even as the active collapse of our ecosystem challenges our notions of hope, we devote ourselves to a future shaped by human reverence, humility, and reciprocity. -Nan Seymour

Walking the Watershed was born at the shores of Great Salt Lake in the winter of 2021/2022 during a time of both cultural and ecological crisis. What began as a small group of artists, scientists and concerned citizens holding vigil at the rapidly receding shores of our inland sea, has during the past 2 years, rippled and reverberated with a growing awakening within our entire communities. Through being present in loving attention by her shores, we remembered and discovered that the lake is not separate from us, and we are not separate from the lake.

When the life of someone you love is at stake you stay with them.

In this way, we invite curiosity about restoring our identity as citizens not just of our respective towns, cities, states and nations, but also as citizens of our watershed. Through Walking the Watershed, we expand our presence from the shores of the lake to include the multiple tributaries that feed her, and expand our invitation from vigil keepers to our entire community.