Nan Seymour, Founder

I provide narrative encouragement.

In 2015 I founded River Writing. Since then I've facilitated writing and storytelling workshops for hundreds of groups and people of all ages, including junior high students, writers experiencing homelessness, and survivors of domestic violence.

My daughter, Beatrice Washburn, and I recently completed a memoir. An Unremarkable Girl is the story of parenting a transgender girl who survived to become herself through the perils of a misgendered adolescence. As a mother and an unabashed ally, I know that true stories can save us.

Authentic expression matters in every realm, from our sacred rituals to our daily business. Our stories author our experience; they are a potent force for good or ill. Stories shape the lives of individuals and communities: our families and colleagues—our religions, neighborhoods, and nations. Your stories matter. Our work together will help you find and foster your voice. You can rely on me to encourage you to say the truest thing you can say.

The essential qualities of good story work are curiosity, clarity, compassion, and courage. We'll invite them all to the table.

If you would like to work with me individually, please email me to tell me about yourself and your project. If your creativity craves company, try River Writing!